EasyMed Technologies, Inc. (CNSX: EZM) (OTCBB: EMYSF) is a Swiss-based global medical information technology company founded in 2005 delivering an end-to-end patient care solution through mobile phone/PDA and server technologies offering specialized services and applications for healthcare, insurance and pharmaceutical industries. We are committed to world-class customer service and the protection of our clients’ information.

Products include:

  • Easy SmartCare
  • International Medical Passport
  • Automated CRO/Clinical Trial software
  • Disease Management software (in National Programs)
  • Lifescience-Portal (comprehensive company/drug database)


The EasyMed mandate

Our mandate is to fully exploit the opportunities provided by the convergence of three significant global trends:

  1. The pressing need to significantly reduce healthcare costs while maintaining quality of service
  2. The ongoing growth of highly intelligent mobile communications
  3. The continuing rise of the world’s population combined with longer active lifespans – 70 is the new 40




Be honest and lawful in all business dealings, and inspire trust by matching actions to words


Treat employees, customers and suppliers with respect and courtesy, be open and inclusive, and value diversity and unique contributions


Unyieldingly protect the confidentiality of EasyMed’s information, and the information of employees, customers and suppliers


Help to improve client businesses and foster long-term relationships by working as a partner, by being relevant and responsive, and by always adding value

Social Responsibility

Always strive to improve the local community through social work, sponsorship and charitable donations