Easy SmartCare allows clinics, hospitals and doctors’ practices to communicate with patients through text messages on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Easy SmartCare reduces missed appointments, improves preparation, sends medication reminders and improves overall outpatient management.

Proven bottom-line savings for your practice

With Easy SmartCare, your office can easily reduce office costs. Now you can communicate with patients in an automated yet personal way. You can send one-way reminders, ask for confirmations, send follow-up questionnaires and update the patient’s portable medical record.

Clinical trials show quick and positive financial benefits.

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A simple and proven source of revenue

EasyMed offers partnering opportunities to custom brand Easy SmartCare into your benefits offering and help you earn additional revenue.

IT departments have put Easy SmartCare to the test

  • Easy SmartCare meets all relevant industry technology standards including HIPAA requirements
  • Provides security and encryption to the most stringent rules
  • Works on all phone/PDA/web platforms
  • Works in 80+ countries with 300+ mobile carriers

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This Swiss clinic already benefits from Easy SmartCare

The Insititut d’Imagerie Médicale in Geneva is a busy medical imaging clinic working with regional hospitals to provide a variety of CT and MRI scans. The clinic implemented Easy SmartCare to help manage missed appointments and increase preparatory compliance.

Within the first month of use, Easy SmartCare virtually eliminated missed appointments and significantly increased preparatory compliance. Based on the average cost of a missed appointment, the clinic projects a saving of 191’000 Swiss Francs in the first year alone.