Corporations, make this your benefit

EasyMed offers numerous partnering opportunities to custom brand International Medical Passport to fit seamlessly into your corporate benefits package. It’s easy to promote this as a high value benefit for your executive employees.


Doctors, this is the next generation in healthcare

Today’s smartphones have all the power of yesterday’s computers. Many healthcare applications are now migrating to provide mobile access. International Medical Passport helps you deliver the next level of service to your patients.

  • No hardware or software for you to buy or maintain – this is web-accessible and Cloud-based
  • Includes all installation and training – smoothly integrates into your office workflow
  • Can be customized to your specific requirements

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IT approved


We have built International Medical Passport to:

  • Meet all relevant industry technology standards
  • Provide security and encryption to the most stringent rules
  • Work on all phone/PDA/web platforms
  • Work in 80+ countries with 300+ mobile carriers

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Additional features of International Medical Passport

  • In an emergency, International Medical Passport gives instant access to TravelSanté-approved caregivers, pharmacists, doctors, clinics and hospitals for 300 global locations
  • Speeds up medical evaluation
  • Includes international drug equivalents for prescriptions
  • Provides drug interactions with any present medication
  • Provides global medical information (e.g. required vaccines, health risks, warnings)
  • Includes medication reminders