If you choose our Cloud-based service for International Medical Passport, your information will be hosted at HOST Medical Services, the specialized healthcare hosting service provided by Grita SAS, Paris. HOST is the first choice for hosting and IT services for many leading hospitals, clinics and healthcare organizations.

IT and medical information compliance


The regulations for hosting medical records and healthcare information have specific compliance requirements, which is why we have chosen to partner with an industry specialist.


Physical security

HOST provides clients with a multi-site infrastructure which includes:

  • Biometric anti-intrusion security system with video surveillance
  • Limited staff access to computer rooms
  • Approved escorted access only for clients
  • Highly-available and redundant power systems leading to full autonomy
  • Equipment monitored 24/7
  • Highly-available cooling system tailored to a 20°C (68°F) temperature, no matter what the weather conditions
  • Anti-fire security through emissions of FM200 noble gas
  • Water damage security with water sensing and automatic drainage system (delivery pumps)

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