At the heart of the International Medical Passport is a patient profile that includes:

  • Personal and medical health records and data (e.g. weight, allergies, reported side effects, etc)
  • Detection of dangerous drug interactions with other drugs or food
  • The ability to share the health profile with family members and caregivers
  • Drug profiles and international equivalents
  • Ability to find a local caregiver pre-approved by TravelSant√©


Built for current and future requirements

  • Available on the Cloud or integrated with your existing infrastructure
  • Cloud service is with global leader, partner HOST Medical Services
  • Based on industry‚Äôs and open technology standards
  • Meets HIPAA requirements
  • Works on all phone/PDA/web platforms
  • Systems encrypted and secure according to the most stringent rules
  • Supports HL-7, the global authority on standards for interoperability of health information technology
  • SOA ready for smooth interoperability
  • IBM certified
  • Works in 80+ countries with 300+ mobile carriers
  • Supported by large international IT team
  • All systems are fully backed up and redundant