The administrative features of International Medical Passport are designed to allow your office to import existing electronic patient records quickly and accurately.

  • Once the overall account is set up, simply log in and use the import features to create individual patient records.
  • Additional information such as notes and relevant files can be added to the patient records as needed.
  • Patient will be prompted to download a small mobile app for their smartphone (available for all major platforms), then log into their record, and reset their password.

Updating is easy and intuitive

As the patient’s medical history evolves, the record can be updated either manually or by automatically importing new information.

Works like an app for the user

For the individual, International Medical Passport shows up as an icon on their smartphone. However, it’s important to note that by tapping the icon, the individual will be asked for their user name and password to log in to their record on our secure servers. For security reasons, the record information does not sit on the smartphone.