Three major trends are converging

EasyMed is a global medical information technology company that is riding the convergence of three significant global trends.

All around the world, healthcare costs are rising. Governments, the medical industry, insurance companies and patients are desperate to reduce costs.

Smartphones are getting smarter. They are in fact mini-computers running millions of different applications. Every generation is significantly more powerful than the last. Our product suites run on smartphones.

International travel, especially for business, continues to grow. Travelers will require critical medical care no matter where they go, and will pay to be assured of receiving quality care even in new opening markets.


Broad global client potential

The EasyMed tele-health platforms and products are of significant interest to major corporations and their employees, hospitals of all sizes, clinics and doctors’ offices.

The requirement for our products is immediate and important. The financial benefits and paybacks have been easy to demonstrate and prove in clinical trials.


Products available in multiple languages

This is truly a global suite of products, and as such, is available in multiple languages. We can quickly add languages as required.


Available on all popular smartphone platforms

EasyMed software is compatible with all popular smartphone platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Service is available in 80+ countries and on 300+ mobile carriers.


Supported by a large IT team

EasyMed relies on an IT team with a deep bench, able to maintain current systems and deliver the rollouts of new features and products on a regular basis. All systems are backed up and redundant.


Information security and 24-hour global support

In the same way that patients trust a doctor/caregiver to look after their family’s health, we are committed to protecting their family’s personal data and supporting the doctor/caregiver.

We are not in the business of selling personal information ever.

Our systems meet the highest stringent international rules for encryption and security. We are committed to backing up patients’ data to avoid lack of availability.

Our 24-hour call center is available worldwide to support patients and doctor/caregiver in their time of need.


Global joint ventures drive penetration

A significant portion of our business plan is dedicated to forming joint ventures with appropriate corporations. This is currently underway.


A global company, operating to the highest standards

EasyMed is in the business of supporting patient care globally. We are committed to protecting personal data and insuring the highest standards of quality and accessibility for patients’ and their family in a time of need.

As the three global trends continue to converge, our products will help lead the way into the next generation of healthcare.