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Risks Posed Due to Global Financial and Economic Factors

Recent events in the financial markets have demonstrated that businesses and industries throughout the world are very tightly connected to each other. Thus, financial developments seemingly unrelated to the Company or its industry may adversely affect the Company over the course of time.  For example, rapid changes to the foreign currency exchange regime may hinder the Company’s ability to effectively hedge its currency exposure, which may, in turn, adversely affect the Company’s financial results.  Material increases in LIBOR or other applicable interest rate benchmarks may increase the debt payment costs for any portion of the Company’s credit facilities which have not been hedged.  Credit contraction in financial markets may hurt the Company’s ability to access credit in the event that the Company identifies an acquisition opportunity or some other opportunity that would require a significant investment in resources. Rapid price inflation caused by an excess of liquidity in countries where the Company conducts business may increase the cost it incurs to provide goods and/or services and may reduce profit margins on agreements that govern the Company’s provision of products or services to customers over a multi-year period.  Increased stress upon budgets may reduce the amount of money decision-makers have to spend on the Company’s products and/or services. Finally, a reduction in credit, combined with reduced economic activity, may adversely affect those customers that, collectively, constitute a significant portion of the Company’s customer base. As a result, these customers may need to reduce their purchases of the Company’s products and/or services, or the Company may experience greater difficulty in receiving payment for the products or services that these customers purchase from it.  Any of these events, or any other events caused by recent turmoil in world financial markets, may have a material adverse effect on the Company’s business, operating results, and financial condition.

Risks Posed Due to Market Factors

The Company’s competitive position in its marketplace depends upon the quality and reliability of the mobile technology infrastructure upon which the Company’s products and services rely.  Changes in technological development and adaptation may shift demand away from the Company’s products and services and towards those products and services offered by existing competitors or new entrants. Disruption in connectivity or network access may cause the Company’s customers to seek other sources for medical or health care related information and may lead to complaints by customers leading to possible breakage of service contracts or actions taken by such customers to seek restitution from the Company for the losses incurred by such customers as a result of the disruption.  Doctors, hospitals and related health-care providers may restrict access to the information needed by the Company to effectively provide the products and services it offers to its customers.  Concerns about the privacy and security of the information provided by the Company on its platform (unfounded as those concerns may be), may cause legislative or administrative governmental institutions to take action that could block or restrict access to the medical and other health care related information the Company requires in order to provide its products and services to its customers.  Any of these events, or any other events that may change the company’s marketplace or its competitive position in such marketplace, may have a material adverse effect on the Company’s business, operating results, and financial condition.